Revenue Cycle Solutions

Revenue Cycle Solutions designed to improve reimbursement challenges

AMS consulting Services works with healthcare providers to create revenue cycle solutions that assess, validate and resolve gaps in their revenue cycle leading to improved financial results. In an industry overwhelmed with rising costs that are gradually shifted to patients who are increasingly unable to pay, providers must take a proactive approach and collect from patients at all points of service to successfully manage accounts receivables and bad debt. AMS offers several solutions that can facilitate successful healthcare revenue cycle management and analysis.

Our revenue cycle consulting services are designed to develop greater efficiencies around reimbursement processes, critical thinking, cash flow and controls that materially impact revenue performance. We offer solutions that provide hospital leaders with insight into the key areas that impact their financial revenue cycles from patient scheduling to payment posting and collections. Through our knowledge of reimbursement and experience in all areas of the revenue cycle, your facility can identify new opportunities, keep up with financial trends and gain an overall insight into the data you need to support your decisions.

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