Education and Training Services

AMS Consulting Services Medical Coding Education programs provide assistance in alleviating the impact of the coder shortage facing healthcare providers. We are committed to developing, cultivating, educating, and mentoring new coding professionals by offering a partnership solution with our clients. Our coding instructors can provide onsite coding training to client-designated staff utilizing our developed coding curriculum, adjunct coding education tools, and individualized training techniques.

The training programs may consist of independent study as well as classroom instruction and competency testing. Hospital specific case scenarios will be provided during the classroom instruction. The following example provides an outline of a typical CPT outpatient coding program:

Core Competencies

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of CPT coding guidelines related to surgery sections 10040-69990.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of modifier application related to CPT surgery sections 10040-69990.
  • Illustrate a proficiency in understanding, interpreting, and applying drug administration coding guidelines.
  • Demonstrate problem solving skills and knowledge in researching Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits related to surgery CPT codes 10040-69990.

Training Components

  • Learn CPT coding guidelines and code specific guidelines for CPT code ranges from 10040-69990.
  • Learn how to read, interpret, and abstract information from a surgical procedure and apply the correct CPT code.
  • Receive instruction on how to read a Medical Necessity or CCI edit and research the appropriate outcome.


  • Coding 50 outpatient surgery records a day or 7 per hour
  • 95% or greater accuracy rate.

In addition, our coding instructors can provide a diverse compliment of education programs including, but not limited to, beginning to advance Clinical Modification ICD-10-CM coding, CPT-4 basics, Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs), Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC), and Physician Evaluation and Management (E/M) Coding Compliance.
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