About AMS Consulting Services

AMS Consulting Services, LLC is a progressive, action-oriented consulting firm, that specializes in all facets of healthcare reimbursement, compliance, and practice management. Our mission is to assist your organization in remaining focused on the future of healthcare, so that you remain competitive regardless of the regulatory changes and challenges that may be present in the future. The vision of AMS Consulting Services is to become a primary resource of information to healthcare facilities, physician practices, and other healthcare organizations.

Our team of consultants are highly qualified and experienced in various areas of healthcare reimbursement, compliance, and practice management. Our areas of expertise include inpatient and outpatient hospital care, physician practices, ambulatory surgery centers, health information management, billing and patient accounts, and coding and billing compliance.

At AMS Consulting Services, we are committed to giving you individual attention. Whenever a need arises, an AMS healthcare consultant is ready to assist you. You can consider AMS as “an Alternative Management Solution” to your healthcare reimbursement problems.